The Docker

Yank McCann

He is a man of many parts and here is just a few

But please do not forget, that he’s human, just like me and you.

He is a poet, a lawyer and a tradesman, and an awful lot as well

The older one’s of long ago, some stories they could tell.

They fought and drank and oh how they could swear

Very diplomatic, when they were on the tear.

He is rough, tough and gentle, a very generous soul

No matter what the charity, he will help fill that begging bowl.

A lot of them have passed away but the names still linger on

There was ‘Old Goat’ McCartney, and ‘Big Slasher’ John.

Don’t forget ‘Old Red’ Harry, all comrades to a man

But the wisest one of all, was our friend ‘Alkiey’ McCann.

They came from all over Ireland, from Cork to County Down

But nearly al the old hands, came from Sailortown.

Sure they’re all up there somewhere, Catholic Jew and Prod

Living in peace and harmony, with the living hand of God.