Tommy O’Hara

Beneath dark waters ‘neath a blackening sky,

In the silence of the deep together they lie.

Forever missed and forever mourned,

Fifteen hundred poor souls of a blasphemy scorned.

“Neither God nor man shall sink this ship…”

Was the unknown curse from an unknown lip.

Was it seamanship or flawed design,

Took Titanic down as the Captain dined?

Did pride, or panic have a part to play,

When the huge iceberg tore her hull away?

As the waters rose to the final hymn,

Nearer my God To Thee became a requiem.

Fabled now in splendour or forgotten shame?

Disaster now encompassed in Titanic’s name.

So pay a final homage, as the wreaths float past,

To the ending of her journey from the City of Belfast.